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Multi-Brand Reseller Provider of IT and Various Industry Product & Services

We understand the demands of today’s business world; via our industry knowledge & strategic partnerships we offer a full reselling on I/T and other products & services (e.g., project, asset & consulting management) to support customer enterprise needs. We also partner with new vendors and various entities to continuously strengthen our portfolio of services. We are recognized as a NMSDC certified diverse supplier.

Our Services

Why Choose Us?

Prior to founding CTek Advantage LLC my work included the privilege of working for multiple fortune 100 companies in the areas of IT finance, project management, business continuity/disaster recovery, real estate, IT procurement and vendor management for over 20 years. This background in primarily working at the enterprise level allows for having the breadth and depth needed to support any customer need. It also allows for successful partnership for any vendor looking to resell their solutions and services. 

Austin Curry
Owner - CTek Advantage LLC

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